On December 21, 2012, I had the opportunity to empower the youth on behalf of S.E.A. by speaking to the entire student body at J.S. Clark Leadership Academy in Opelousas, Louisiana. I spoke to the students about the importance of their future, staying focused on their goals, and never succumbing to the expectations of others. As I spoke about college and furthering their education, I shared my London experience with them. During my time with the students, I reminded them about the importance of giving back to the community and to those around them. Speaking to these children was such a humbling experience and reminded me why we should always do our part in uplifting the dejected members of society.

Make your tax-deductible donation to the S.E.A. Fund today at www.sea-of-love.org

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Yani & The People People Benefit Concert for S.E.A.

Iyana Davis, better known by her artist name “Yani,” and her band “The People People” are major supporters and donors to the S.E.A. Fund! Yani performed at the Fashion Playground event on August 11 in Brooklyn New York and less than 24 hours later performed at the Center for Green Urbanism Center in Washington, D.C. and donated ALL proceeds to the Student Emergency Assistance (S.E.A.) Fund! 

Check out a magazine article Yani has been feautured in! She even mentions the S.E.A. Fund: http://theuntitledmag.com/2012/10/yani-the-peace-people/

Also, please learn more about Yani by visiting her website: whoisyani.com and following her on twitter @whoisyani 

Support those that support you & invest in others! Be blessed!

Interview with My Creative Connection & Founder of S.E.A.

My Creative Connection was created to unite women of color professionally and creatively. Creative Connection was designed to share stories and experiences that will motivate others while they are on their journey to grow-professionally, artistically, mentally, and spiritually.

To learn more please visit: www.lovemycc.com

Fashion Playground

On August 11, 2012 an empowering event known as Fashion Playground took place in Brooklyn, New York. The event entailed a huge photo shoot for youth after getting their hair styled and cut, make up done, and dressing in clothing and jewelry donated from boutiques all throughout America. The event also focused on a plethora of possibilities that youth can pursue. The various occupations of people present included Beauty Pageant winners, Vice Presidents of Corporations, Models, a Commercial Actress, Musical Entertainers, Hair stylists, Makeup Artists, Photographers, Clothing Designers, Jewelry Designers, a Web Developer, a Barber, Business Owners, Bloggers, a TV Host, and a Founders of Non-profit Organizations. These professionals present experienced many hardships and hinderances along their path to success, and were able to uplift, empower, and encourage the youth present. The event promoted self-love, confidence, and helped to deflect low self-esteem. The youth were shown that their are people who truly care for them and want them to be their best! It is possible to do whatever you put your mind to, just look up to the ones that have succeeded throughout the world! “It does not matter where you start, but how you finish!” 

Mea Boykins Interviews With Ty MrVocabTV From Vocab Magazine (by MrVocabTV)

Check out my latest interview in New York with Vocab Mag! Don’t forget to attend my event on August 11, 2012 in Brooklyn, NY! Fashion Playground- huge photoshoot for youth with photographers, barbers, hair stylists, make up artists, and clothing/jewelry boutique donations! Live performances, motivational speaking, MTV & Bravo TV raffles, tons of give-a-ways, food, & celebrity guest appearances! Buy your $10 ticket now to support! www.fashionpg.com 

Check out my live interview with the Producer of Extraordinary Woman TV! 

(Source: vimeo.com)

S.E.A. & N.F.F. Fundraising Event

S.E.A. will be co-hosting a fundraising event along with the nonprofit New Future Foundation (N.F.F.) on December 16, 2012 in Atlanta. There are several confirmed artists who will be performing, including an Afro Jazz Band. The name of the event is Atlanta International Taste: In Support of S.E.A. and will have Thai, African, Jamaican, Indian, and Japanese food catered. A silent auction will also take place with amazing original art pieces from internationally acclaimed artists, Michael Jackson autographs and more! The key note speaker has also been confirmed and the location has already been selected. The website for the event is currently under construction, but once it is up I will definitely share more information on the event. I am planning the NY event and the Atlanta event at the same time while preparing to move abroad to London in September where I will be taking S.E.A, Inc. There will be multiple ways to advertise your company or organization in the program for the event (which will be in multiple languages) and also on the website. Stay tuned for more information! 

S.E.A. in New York

This summer S.E.A. has expanded to New York! I am currently planning a fundraiser and youth empowerment summit which will contain motivational speakers, performances, etiquette training, donations for shelters around NY, photography, and other amazing surprises. Doing the ground work for the event has been a strenuous task as I am currently working as well. I am still looking to secure a venue and date for the event, but I am shooting for mid-August. This week and throughout the summer I will be going to corporations and foundations to find more donors for S.E.A. Scholarship and S.E.A., Inc. As usual, I am working alone and coordinating everything in the midst of promoting my organization to my best ability. God is great for giving me the ability to multi-task, but I will definitely need a team in the near future. If anyone has any connections or can assist me in building my organization in anyway please let me know as this would help me greatly! 

Student Emergency Assistance

Youth Empowerment Summit

S.E.A. hosted an Youth Empowerment Summit at Spelman College. The event was a huge success. There were four amazing speakers present, being a life coach/researcher/traveling nurse, a community activist, the VP of Suntrust Bank, and the Founder of the S.E.A.! Young girls from the West End community came out in numbers to be inspired by the speakers. Everyone gave an intimate and honest portrayal of their struggles and experiences with bullying, self-esteem, family issues, alcoholism, sex, drugs, and violence. It was phenomenal for the young girls to see how refined the speakers are currently after hearing about their past situations and behaviors. Some of the young girls were in tears and clearly related to bullying, being bullied, and self-esteem issues. Refreshments were served for the participants, and every person present was able to register free for the Women of Worth Teen Summit! Empower the youth as they are the next generation!